Through its resolution in July 2010, the City Council of Brea has approved the formation of Brea Korea Sister City Association (“BKSCA”) to promote cultural exchange, educational enrichment, and economic cooperation with Brea’s Sister City, Anseong, South Korea.

BKSCA was established in April 2012 as a nonprofit public benefit corporation and has been instrumental in promoting cultural and education exchange between the two cities. We are also very proud in bringing Korean language classes to Brea Junior High School and Brea High School.

Due to its successful programs, another city, Nam Yang Ju in South Korea has approached the City of Brea and BKSCA to form a relationship with Brea. On September 22, 2020, Brea and Nam Yang Ju have entered into a “friendship” relationship by entering into a “Friendship City Agreement”

BKSCA, however, is not only about cultural or educational exchange. We believe in making our community a better place to live with diverse people from all different backgrounds coming together. We want to lift Brea on a global scale and also be recognized as a role model to all other neighboring cities. We want the world and our neighbors to know that Brea is a forward looking and welcoming city where people can peaceably work together, no matter what the background, to make their community safe, friendly, vibrant, and collaborative, starting from our little ones all the way to our seniors.

Our Leadership

Nancy Lee
Chairwoman of the Board

Past President of Brea Korea Sister City Association
Resident of Brea since 1999
Volunteering for BKSCA since 2011
Ho-El Park

Resident of Brea since 2010
Legal Counsel for BKSCA
Practicing attorney for over 20 years (CA/NY/NJ)
Member of Investment Advisory Committee for the City of Brea
Past President, Korean American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County
Past President, Orange County Korean American Bar Association
Eunice Lee
Vice President

Korean Teacher: Brea High School and Brea Junior High School
Brian Lee

Esther Im
Director of Student Exchange Program

Penny Jo

Michael Kim
Lifetime Chairman

Michael Kim our Founder and Friend, In His Loving Memory.
1944-2023, RIP