Student Exchange

Each year BKSCA welcomes about 24 students each, from our Sister City and also our Friendship City. For about two weeks, they stay with our vetted "host families" to experience a typical American family lifestyle. They also participate in classrooms at Brea High School and Brea Junior High School and make lasting relationships with our local students. Their visit also includes a tour of our City hall, our museums, parks, shopping centers, local attractions, and feasting at our favorite local restaurants. The hardest time for these students is when they had to say "good bye".
  1. BKSCA is always in need for a host family to host students from Korea. A stipend is provided. Please click here if you are interested.
  1. BKSCA also sends out Brea students to Anseong and Nam Yang Ju. If interested in participating, please click us.

Cultural Exchange

Our Sister City, Anseong, is well known for their Nam Sa Dang Baudeogi performances ("BDP"). Anseong was the birthplace of namsadang, troupes of entertainers who traveled around the country during the Joseon era, and the hub of Korean art and culture. Anseong has cultural centers exclusively dedicated to BDP and thousands of people in South Korea and worldwide visit Anseong to witness BDP. Each year in October, Anseong hosts BDP festival, which aims to develop and continue the heritage of the artistic spirit of Baudeogi by providing various traditional performances and events. The festival also became designated as the official festival of UNESCO's CIOFF (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts) in 2006. Brea citizens are fortunate to see these performances, free of charge, when they visit Brea. In 2017 and also in 2023 at Brea Fest, BDP has received wide accolades for their performances, especially the rope walk!
BKSCA has hosted several cultural events where performers from diverse cultures, like Mexico and Japan have performed for our citizens at the Brea Performance Center
Food is a culture identifier. Anseong is known for its juicy Korean pears and Ginsang. Each time Anseong visits, we get a taste of these healthy products and BKSCA hopes to assist Anseong in promoting these products in Brea so all can experience these "green" gems

Serving Our Community

BKSCA prides in serving our community and participating at major Brea events!
July 4th Country Fair: Each year, BKSCA hosts a booth right by the “Plunge” and serve Korean fusion foods (i.e. bulgogi taco).
Brea Fest: Since 2022, BKSCA has participated in Brea Fest. Notably in 2023, Anseong's Baudeogi performances from Korea were a big hit.
Love Brea: Our members participate in helping cleaning up the City!
State of Schools Breakfast: We sponsor a table each year in support of our schools.
State of City Luncheon: We sponsor a table each year in support of our City.
Senior "Chu Seok" and Holiday luncheon: During "Chu Seok" (i.e. Korean Thanksgiving) week, on a Friday, BKSCA serves catered Korean food and share gifts to our seniors at the Brea Senior Center. This event has always been the favorite for many Brea seniors. We also help serve food and bring gifts to share during the Holiday luncheon for our seniors.
Donating to Schools: During the past several years, BKSCA has donated some of its funds to Brea High and Brea Junior High schools.
Supporting our businesses! Our 25 plus members meet at our local restaurants to support our local businesses